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Latest Jewellery Trends You Need to Finally Hop on in 2021

With the COVID-19 vaccines now being deployed, it is finally time for us to get out of our pajamas and look at the new trends which are making their feet strong in this year of 2021.

Maybe, designer masks were the only trend that was making some noise in 2020, but things are different in 2021. In this year, you will be seeing pearls and homemade necklaces online setting new trends in the market. Also, some jewellery trends from 2020 might re-emerge this year.

5 Jewellery Trends You Need to Finally Hop on in 2021

Here we have prepared a list of 5 jewellery trends that are set to take the market by storm this year, and yes, you should definitely give them a try.

1. Pearls Are Back

There was a time when pearls were a hot trend when it came to jewellery. And, let us tell you that the pearl trend is back like a boomerang. There are numerous spectacular pearl jewellery designs that you will find in the market in various designs, shapes, and sizes. There is no doubt that standing tall in 2021, pearls have become the perfect luxury gem for the millennials.

2. Beads Are A Must Try

With colourful beads coming back in trends, jewellery lovers can finally see some fine African jewellery online. African jewellery is a much-loved thing, and the way they come up with impressive new handmade necklaces online made out of colourful beads is just next level. The Massai Collection from Zambilla is one of the best beaded African jewellery online collections that you will find online.

3. Papua New Guinea Jewellery

The seashell jewellery trend is on the rise in 2021. These hand threaded seashells look stunning when worn, no matter what the attire is. Yes, this Papua New Guinea jewellery trend, emerging from the islands of Papua New Guinea, is the best fit for any kind of attire and will complement your attire with no other. Also, by supporting this trend, you would be encouraging the women of Papua New Guinea, who earn their livelihood by crafting these beautiful designs that cheer up your day.

4. Chunky Chains

Dominating from the fashion week runway of the year 2020, chunky chains have been in trend this year as well. Chains are not something new as history books tell us of ancient Egyptians, who have been donning gold and silver chains back in the year 2500 BC. So, something that has such a long history, will never go out of style. And, that is why the trend of wearing chunky chains still prevails in 2021.

5. Crushed Metal Jewellery

Metal jewellery was in trend a few years ago. But, now, things are slightly different as the crushed counterpart of shiny, smooth metal jewellery is taking its place. Yes, crushed metal bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings are going to steal the show this year. This kind of jewellery looks very elegant, and the crushed surface just makes it look perfect for you to glam up.

So, no matter what kind of taste you have in jewellery, you cannot deny that these trends are quite fashionable. And especially the homemade necklaces online are some of the best trends that you can try this year. Also, for the best Papua New Guinea Jewellery online and African jewellery online, you can refer to us at any point in time. We are the best ones whom you can look forward to when it is about homemade necklaces online.

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