Shield of Life


These colourful pieces are handcrafted by the Massai women in Tanzania, Africa. This exquisite beaded jewellery originated in Southern Kenya before European influence and has continued to be a major part of Massai Culture. Each earring represents their own story through the colours and patterns used. Zambilla & Co is proud to bring you ethically sourced earrings which support the livelihoods of the women who make them. From Tanzania to you.


2 Sizes Available:

Small: 4.5cm Diameter

Large: 6cm Diameter



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Our jewellery is NOT mass produced. Handcrafted by hand to bring you single pieces with their own characteristics. Only 1-3 of each style is available.


Colour Meanings:

White: Purity

Blue: Energy & Sky

Yellow & Yellow: Hospitality

Black: The People & Struggles

Red: Bravery, Strength & Unity

Green: Land