These colourful pieces are handcrafted by the Massai women in Tanzania, Africa. This exquisite beaded jewellery originated in Southern Kenya before European influence and has continued to be a major part of Massai Culture. Each earring represents their own story through the colours and patterns used. Zambilla & Co is proud to bring you ethically sourced earrings which support the livelihoods of the women who make them. From Tanzania to you.


2 Sizes Available:

Small: 4.5cm Diameter

Large: 6cm Diameter



Free standard shipping Australia-wide

$7 Express shipping Australia-wide

International Shipping Available



Our jewellery is NOT mass produced. Handcrafted by hand to bring you single pieces with their own characteristics. Only 1-3 of each style is available.


Colour Meanings:

White: Purity

Blue: Energy & Sky

Yellow & Yellow: Hospitality

Black: The People & Struggles

Red: Bravery, Strength & Unity

Green: Land



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