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Zambilla & Co represents more than just jewelry; it embodies confidence, boldness, and embracing your unique self. Our earrings, inspired by the vibrant colors of nature observed during years of photography in Papua New Guinea, are meticulously handmade. Crafted with skill and passion by women and families from various corners of the world, each piece carries the essence of years of experience and dedication.

By choosing our jewelry, you're not only adorning yourself but also supporting livelihoods. Every purchase generates income for families, empowering them and enhancing their quality of life. What makes your choice even more meaningful is its impact on local communities in Papua New Guinea. Through our collaboration with the Bucket of Love, a portion of every purchase goes toward projects in the West New Britain Province of PNG, contributing to the well-being and progress of these communities.


Tiana Reimann

Founder, Zambilla & Co

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