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It was Valentines Day 2015 that I found myself alone in my office searching through the endless Valentines Day posts by my friends on Facebook when I got a new message from a man named Shaun, he worked at the Brisbane Boys Grammar School not far from my office. I had contacted that school earlier for some work related items but the managers never got back to me unit now via Facebook which I thought was a bit strange at the time. Instead of contacting me in regards to work, Shaun expressed he had stacks of old chlorine buckets. After they were used, the buckets were usually sent to the dump. He couldn't bring himself to throwing these to the tip so he reached out out me after he noticed my photography page featured Papua New Guinea. 

To make a long story short, it was fate that put us in contact. I went to see the buckets at Boys Grammar School the next day. After seeing the 100 buckets stacked upon each other, I looked at Shaun and said this is perfect for the remote villages in PNG. I am going to start an organisation called,"The Bucket of Love."

Helping others isn't always a difficult task. Remember, changing 1 life can be a achievement itself. I registered the business name, created a logo and Facebook page, then contacted friends with other items that I could put into the buckets. This list included medical, clothing, educational, sporting and health items. We managed to get a truck load for our very first shipment! This was delivered to Kimbe and distributed to the remote areas of West New Britain.

When I created Zambilla & Co, I always had the intention for it to help me raise funds for shipping costs or items for schools and hospitals. Through Zambilla I have been able to put funding towards purchasing educational items, health items, sporting items, gardening utensils and more!


We are always looking to build new relationships with other organisations or groups. If you think your school or organisation can help, please get in touch today and follow our social media pages to more updates.

Tiana Reimann

Founder of The Bucket of Love & Zambilla & Co

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