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On Valentine's Day 2015, I found myself in my office, scrolling through countless Valentine's Day posts by friends on Facebook when I received a message from a man named Shaun, who worked at Brisbane Boys Grammar School near my office. I had initially reached out to the school for work-related matters, but the managers hadn't responded. Surprisingly, Shaun got in touch via Facebook, not about work, but to inform me about stacks of old chlorine buckets the school had. Typically, these buckets were discarded, but Shaun couldn't bear to waste them. He noticed my photography page featured Papua New Guinea and reached out to me.

In a twist of fate, I visited Boys Grammar School the next day to see the buckets. Upon seeing the 100 buckets stacked together, I realized they were perfect for the remote villages in PNG. That moment sparked the idea for "The Bucket of Love." A humble bucket has a plethora of benefits and uses for a villager in Papua new Guinea and will continue to be used for many more years to come.

The journey began with a simple belief: helping others doesn't always have to be complicated. Changing even one life is a significant achievement in itself. I registered the business name, created a logo, and a Facebook page. I reached out to friends for various items to fill the buckets, including medical supplies, clothing, educational materials, sports equipment, and health items. Our first shipment, a truckload of essentials, was delivered to Kimbe and distributed to the remote areas of West New Britain.

With the inception of Zambilla & Co, my intention was always allow the two to help hand in hand as a means to raise funds for shipping costs and essential items for schools and hospitals. Through Zambilla, I've been able to allocate funds for purchasing educational materials, health supplies, sports equipment, gardening tools, and more.

We are constantly seeking to forge new relationships with organizations and groups. If you believe your school or organization can contribute, please don't hesitate to get in touch today. Follow our social media pages for regular updates on our initiatives and progress.


Together, we can make a difference, one bucket at a time.

Tiana Reimann

Founder, Bucket of Love

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