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The Massai people are one of the world’s most renowned African tribes living in areas from Kenya to Tanzania. For hundreds of years, jewellery has been embedded in to their culture with significance. Both clothing and jewellery have been as vibrant as each other with various meanings behind each and every colour weaved into these pieces below. Each piece tells a story of their status, history, wealth and place in life along with the shape, pattern and colour withhold their meanings alike. The colours that have special meanings for Massai are red, blue, green, orange, yellow, white and black. Zambilla & Co brings you their traditional, vibrant jewellery that is unique to their creators. Be inspired and celebrate one of the many creative cultures of the world. 
Red: Bravery, danger, strength, unity
Blue: Energy & sustenance essential for the life of their cattle and people
Green: Nourishment, production, land that provides food
Orange: Warmth, friendship, hospitality
Yellow: Fertility and growth from the sun
White: Purity and health from cows milk
Black: Unity, harmony and solidarity of the people
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