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Bucket Loads of Donations!

The Bucket of Love has received buckets of love in the last few weeks!

Thanks to the Brisbane Boys Grammar School Sports Complex, they have collected over 50 used chlorine buckets for the remote communities in West New Britain PNG. The pools at the Brisbane based school go through at least 2 large 40L buckets a week and they have generously been keeping them aside for donations. Our aim is to reach out to most Brisbane based schools to collect as many buckets as possible. Do you know someone that could collect their buckets too?

Most communities in West New Britain don't have close access to fresh water therefore these buckets provide a useful source of storage and transportation of water from the source to their homes. Additionally, these buckets provide a plethora of other uses from washing clothing, bathing, protecting valuables and food storage. A single bucket can provide these benefits for a whole family living in Kove and since the first donation 5 years ago, we can see these buckets being used to their full potential.

Packing a range of stationary, jewellery tools and books into buckets for a donation to Kapo Island, West New Britain.

Transporting the buckets from the mothership to Sumulani Island, West New Britain PNG.

More recently, we have collaborated with the Clem Jones Centre in Carina and thanks to Steve, the Clem Jones Operations Manager, they generously donated a range of their swimming boards and sporting uniforms.

We would like to say another thank you to Jas from Brisbane Boys Grammar School Sports Complex for collecting these buckets and to Steve from the Clem Jones Centre, Carina for their generous donations.

We are always looking to partner with more schools and individuals. Please be in touch with your local school or pool to start collecting their Buckets today! Alternatively, you can put us in touch with them directly too.

If you have any questions or collaboration ideas, please email us at

Best Wishes,

Tiana Reimann

Founder, Bucket of Love

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