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What gear do I use?

For all the images on this site, I have been using the Olympus EPM1. It is such a compact camera with 20 different lenses to choose from. In a few of my other party pictures you may have noticed I used a black and white filter?

6 other filters come with this camera and I'll post some examples of each soon :)

To purchase this camera you are looking at $200-$500 depending if you would like to get additional lenses with it.

I paid about $500 for two lenses and body. GREAT DEAL!

The two lenses that came with it are:

14-42mm and 50-150mm (zoom)

Africa Shots: Mostly used the 50-150mm

A motto I live by is, "you don't need to have the best gear on the market to take great pictures, all you need is to know how to use your gear to its potential."


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