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TIME LAPSE - Featuring Photographer Evelina Fietisova & Zambilla!


Evelina shared with me about her inspiration behind the visual themes of the shoot, how it’s really portraying two different eras in a single look. She chose to edit the photos to give them a certain aged film look, faded and scratched. Yet, that mixed in with the modern movement of openness in regards to one’s sexuality created the contrast Evelina was hoping to feature.

We integrated her unique style of clothing with the Zambilla & Co range to create a complete look. It was a fun and educational working with Evelina. The fact that I could integrate my work with hers was a great opportunity and look at the pics, they compliment each other so well!

Here are a few pics behind the scenes and their outcomes. Simply beautiful.

Tiana (Zambilla & Co)

I would say this was the most interesting shoot I have been on! The way Evelina directed her shoot was a real eye opener in a great way. She improvised among the small area of the Engineering block at QUT was so natural and she effortlessly blended everyone including our wonderful model James into the environment. I was lucky enough to share some of my Zambilla & Co earrings as accessories into this shoot but the funny thing was, James no longer had his ears pierced! Luckily and coincidentally enough, I was riding to uni on my small rusty Razor scooter that

morning and as I came over the Goodwill Bridge a small group of Police officers asked if I’d like to take any of their marketing materials which lay on the table beside them. I kindly did offer to take some, 1 pen, a “One Punch can Kill” rubber bracelet and a circular lime green sticker which had the National Police logo on it. From there I made my way to the shoot. When we realised James didn’t have his ears pierced we tried to hang the earrings another way. However, each time he moved the earrings did fall. But, then I thought we needed something sticky. It took a few more minutes to realise I had the lime green sticker which still remained stuck to my shirt. I pulled it off and said, “let’s use this!” With a few giggles I ripped

up the circular sticker into smaller pieces and from there the earrings sat perfectly well, and of course the photos came out beautifully with a little removal of the lime green sticker in Photoshop!

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